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Saturday in the 8th week of the Church year.

Saint for the day: Sts. Marcellinus and Peter (did 304)

Scripture readings for today's litugy:

Jude 17:20-25

Psalm 63

Mark 11:27-33 

“My soul is thirsting for you, oh, Lord my God.” (Psalm 63) 

Once again we are given the challenge, “What do you thirst for?” When we thirst for God are we doing that to enhance our belief or are we thirsting for God to give us the true, living water?

The S & P’s were not interested in being a part of Jesus’ life. They were only concerned with making sure that their position in any matters of religious belief was not challenged. They ask Jesus, “By whose authority are you doing these things? (eg. the cleansing of the Temple and the turning over of the moneychangers tables)

Weak people always assert their own authority whenever challenged.   That’s why they pumped up their image with widened phylacteries and flowing robes. Jesus’ words, “If you wish to be first … seek the last position” were not words that they took to heart.

The question for all of us shouldn’t be like that of the S & P’s but, rather looking deep within our own lives to see what is our motivation to be one with Jesus. What do you thirst for?

The other night I was speaking to our novices here at the Priory in San Francisco. Here are five young men seeking to follow Jesus and ultimately become preachers of his love and mercy. They were asking questions about my own, personal life experiences and I had to come back to the basics: our lives need to be centered on thirsting for the Lord. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you.”

I also told them of the various difficulties that I had to face along the way. Yesterday’s reading from 1 Peter reminded us that there would be hard times for those who choose to follow the Lord. But, as God said to Paul, “My grace is sufficient!” Today’s first reading from St. Jude reminds us that “it is mercy that I seek” not power and authority. In this regard we need to be counter-cultural.


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