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Wednesday in Holy Week – also called “Spy Wednesday”

 Saint for the day:St. Isidore of Seville (560-636)

Scripture readings for today's liturgy:

Isaiah 50:4-9

Pslam 69

Matthew 26:14-25

“The Lord God is my help. Who will prove me wrong?”

 We hear in today’s Gospel – once again – the account of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Because of the fact that the Gospels tell us that Jesus said, “One of you will betray me” and further state, “… and it was night” this day got the name, “Spy Wednesday.”

What can the liturgy of today tell us and how can it help us to more perfectly follow Jesus in these coming solemn days of the Paschal Triduum? In the first place the Gospels give us the indication that Judas – far from being distant from Jesus and in the shadows – was close enough for Jesus to share the “morsel” dipped in the common dish. We have to see this picture more closely: we know that John – the beloved disciple – was leaning on the breast of Jesus and Judas must have been on the other side of the Master. Or at least close enough that they didn’t have to pass the dripping morsel down the table. We often want to think of Judas as a perennially bad person but this only allows us to make a safe distinction between him and us. It reminds us that we all have the potential to do evil and turn from Jesus. The Gospel further tell us, “and it was night!” pointing out that Judas chose to leave the “light of Christ” for the shadows of darkness.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Holy Thursday a feast that focuses on the institution of the Holy Eucharist along with the ministry of “Priesthood.” Most churches will have some kind of procession from the main church to a chapel where the Holy Eucharist will be kept for the next day. This will be accompanied by the faithful going forward with lit candles. Here in Kenya our celebration will be at 8 o’clock in the evening and so our procession will be by candlelight. We will be making a subtle statement that even in the dark of night we will walk with the Light of Christ and not fall into the darkness of sin and evil.

Let the images of these three holy days explode in your life and remind you that all of us are just a “candle flicker” away form the possibility of living in darkness or sin. Amen!

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