•  Monday, 12 December, 2016:    The occasion at the Corpus Christi Monastery of Dominican Nuns in Karen was the presence among us of fr. Bruno Cadore,OP  the Master of the Order, who is here in Kenya for the Third Week of Advent,  to make a canonical visitation with the Friars. 

    All five corporate members of the Dominican Family came together: Dominican Youth and Laity; Sisters  of the two Congregations who are working in these parts, the Nuns, and the Friars. 

    In the celebration of the Eucharist fr. Bruno preached movingly on the Mystery of the Visitation (it was the fest of Our Lady of Guadalupe). Later in the day he spoke to us again, about our preaching in different  ways, and how the experience of compassion must be at the heart of what we have to proclaim. 

    It was a  day to be remembered by all who were there!